I Bike in a White Skirt and Heels.

biker kicksIt’s OK, Mambo, I wore a slip.

I’m a ladylike biker.







Wednesdays are my new fave days:  Farmers Market in the morning, So You Think You Can Dance at night.  Today I made an effort to document my route, but you just can’t get everything.  The homeless man with the tatters of his socks as he lies facedown on the grass (too liberal-guilt documentarian); the teen girls biking in front of me in their bikinis, one declaiming, “Omygaaawd, we TOTALLY shoulda worn Sun-In.  I just now thought of that” (too older lesbian creeper).  I was tempted to stop the surfer man wearing only the bottom half of his wetsuit.  But then I went over the conversation in my head:  

Me:  Hot Surfer Man, could I take your picture?  It’s for a blog feature.

HSM:  What’s the blog?

Me:  Oh, it’s a food blog.

HSM:  Then why do you need my picture?

Me:  Well, you look delicious.

But I stopped myself.  Sorry, ladies.  Here are other handsome finds:

tomatoes and nectarines

I was tempted by some “chocolate mint” but thought I’d wait until next time and use it for mint chocolate ice cream.  To celebrate this batch of produce, I think I’ll start ciabatta bigga tonight and put some fresh tomato slices on toast with the rest of the hotel butter made from last week’s lemon basil and shallot.  Wish I could link you to the ciabatta recipe, but Cooks Illustrated won’t let you load the page without membership.  Maitre d’Hotel butter’s easy though–while traditionally just parsley, lemon, and pepper, you can mix any combination of finely-chopped herbs, zest, spices, or garlicky things with softened butter and then allow to harden in the refrigerator.  Really, it’s just herb butter or “compound butter,” but sometimes it’s fun to sound more snobbishly familiar, right?

On my way home I stopped at the Border Grill for some quesadillas (and for the blog) and the Crossroads clothing store for some shoes (and for the blog).  But I made it quick because my raspberries were getting squished.  Not so great a tragedy, though, because their texture suited them nicely for cookie filling.  raspberries and chocolateDeb’s roll-out cookies were the perfect thing yesterday when I needed some chocolate but had no chips, only unsweetened cocoa.  http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/04/brownie-roll-out-cookies/.  I like to sift on a little powdered sugar when I make them, just for decoration.  And if you want to make similar fruit sandwiches, I’d suggest assembling them on a need-to-eat basis so they don’t get soggy.  

So, we’re at the end of the blog and where are these pictures from the road, you ask?  Once again, link to the cheap way to watch my videos by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tb2veNnuuY


2 responses to “I Bike in a White Skirt and Heels.

  1. So, first, can I just say that I’m impressed that you own a slip. I bike all the time in little sundresses, sans slip. I am also impressed that you can bike in such cute shoes. I feel the need to change into horribly practical sandals for my bike rides, and then I put the cute shoes in the basket.

    But, to the food. The ciabatta recipe from Cook’s Illustrated is great. I have their baking book and I’ve had nothing but success with it. And, the cookies look quite yummy.

    Gary and I were talking about how we’d like to do a Southern California trip next summer, and I think we might have to include a stop at Chez Rosa to have some of the house specialties. 🙂

  2. Today I was having a craving crisis because I was out of chocolate chips, and then I remembered this post! I made the cookies with potato-based egg substitute and they turned out pretty good. I reserved about a third of the dough and added a bit of mint extract, and then used a shot glass as cookie cutter and made my own little thin mints (sans enrobing).

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