I Scream.

ice cream
I’d had the idea to make caramel ice cream sauce, had gotten waaay excited about it, had rushed around the kitchen holding a pot, and then thought about it. Set it down. Never mind. You know that moment when the idea slams into the reality of commitment to the process? In my weaker moments, this leaves me chewing at the inside of my mouth and staring into space, surrendering to another “Caramel Incident.” But not this time.

We went for it and bought an ice cream maker, an addition to my kitchen family (see related Page:  “Meet My Children”). Adam Lambert is very talented. To celebrate his coming out of the box, I wanted to start big. So I looked up my favorite ice cream guy, David Lebovitz, and found a recipe for “Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream.” http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives/2007/04/salted_butter_c.html

It promised a dulche de leche-like flavor with an extra kick of salt. And you made your own caramel. Bring it.

Prof. CaramelLebo stressed that caramel novices should wear long sleeves and, if one has them, glasses.  I am known to squeal when hot oil or even pasta water spits onto my arm, so I suited up.  The spatula looked reeeally far away through my borrowed specs, so I ditched them. But I did stick with the Brokeback attire, just to be festive.  


A happy ending: I made caramel! (Pictures of the hardening caramel itself look a whole lot like a miscarriage, so no posts here.) And moreover, I made ICE CREAM! And then I told you about it! The best part of the experience was watching Adam do his thing. Since I am not fronting the cash to post videos on here, I now direct those of you with functional Internet (sorry Mom) to go here:


we all scream


3 responses to “I Scream.

  1. I am reading this at 7:57 am and wishing I could have this for breakfast. It looks splendid!

  2. Julia Lundman

    HAHAHA the video is hysterical! Your writing is really fun to read, too!

  3. I think the muted comments by Tom Dotan really make a strong impact for it being they’re debut performance.

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